Saturday, March 3, 2018

Art Illiana's TableScapes-Cocktail on the Scapes

What a fabulous evening enjoying Cocktails on the Scapes (AKA-Designer Night)!  Thank you to all the designers that connected with the community in shedding light as to how you selected your Theme then created your masterpieces! 

Last night, after the crowd departed, Debbie Goodin and I played around with photography.  The entrance is the perfect location for 360 video with lighting. My goal is to get to the Theatre early to snap some 360 footage with natural lighting to see how that goes.

Please enjoy a few of the Photos that were captured last night.

 This is my favorite 360 photograph.  Debbie and I added the lighting to make it less grainy.  To get the full idea of how awesome this is, you need the 360 software to view.  Facebook has it.  The ceiling of the entrance is just fabulous!
 The silent auction items are a hit!  I am looking forward to the dinner tonight!
 What a great group at Cocktail on the Scapes!
 The music was very inviting to the Scapes!
 The ladies are learning about Photography at Debbie's table. 
 Here the Judges are getting their photo take by Debbie while I am snapping a 360 photo.
 The Art Totality designers were super happy Kirk showed up!  They got to describe all their hard work!  Thank you NAL for supporting the Arts in the Wabash Valley!
 Debbie, Myself, and Jon are having fun with the 360 camera.
 I call this:  Casual 360
 Mark is snapping a photo of Debbie and I while I am snapping a photo with the 360.
This is another one of my favorite 360 Photos.  I love that we can all be creative together!
 Designer's enjoying a Cocktail on the Scape!
 On of the most amazing smiles!
 Having fun, Jon, Don, and Gretchen!
 Kirk let me snap this picture.  NAL listed as one of our TableScape sponsors.
 Kirk and Debbie discussing photography!
 The Sycamore Winery group!
 Here are the awards that will be announced this evening.
Tri Kappa sisters hanging out on the scapes.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Arts Illiana's: Annual TableScape Event

The TableScape fundraiser hosted by Arts Illiana is located at the majestic Indiana Theatre; supporting the arts in the Wabash Valley.  
Indiana Theatre compliments the Scapes and the Scapes compliment the Theatre!
Join us for Cocktail on the Scapes!  Friday March 2, from 6:30-8:30 pm will include the Scape Designers, Music, Drinks and MORE!  Learn about their Scape Themes and their design journeys!  Come early if you like, the doors will open at 5:30 pm.

You can get tickets at the door or you can call Arts Illiana and have them reserved at the door:  
Pictures from Scape Setup 2018:  Wednesday February 28

Very proud of all the Scape Designers and the hard work they put into their designs to make this such a wonderful event!

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Creation of Jack Finishing Touches

     This weekend was our last Scape get together before setup Wednesday February 28!  As a group we decided to paint a pumpkin in memory of Connie Symon!  She used to paint pumpkins at The Apple House as well as paint faces at The Creation of Jack.  We selected her candy corn pumpkin face.
     First I drew the outline with a black marker.  Then the team painted the candy corns with acrylic paint (white, yellow, and orange).

     While half the team was working on the pumpkin, the other half finished the wine glasses.  All we did was draw the face to match the place setting with a black marker.  Then we used acrylic paint to coat only the top portion of the glass.  Before drying, we wiped the paint off the face portion then re-outlined in black once it dried.  The tea lights inside the glass give it the Jack-O-Lantern look!
At the conclusion of our meeting, we practiced face painting.  We wanted to include this at the Cocktail on the Scape event!  This is something we do at The Creation of Jack so it just makes perfect sense!

Monday, February 19, 2018

TableScape Pinata

The team worked very hard this weekend!  We finished up our plate pieces, changed our mind with the wine glasses and started painting them to match our plate pieces, setup the centerpiece, picked up the hay, and finished our piñata!  It was a lot of fun seeing all of our hard work come together!

If you are interested, I added some quick instructions on how to do the piñata.  The self-rising flour makes a thick paste.  I believe this is why it turned out so sturdy and didn't require multiple layers after each layer dried

Paper mache paste:
2 cups of self-rising flour
2 cups of water
1 tbs salt (to prevent molding)
Surgical gloves recommended

Armature supplies:
1 medium size balloon blown up
1 cut toilet paper cardboard roll (standing only 3 inches tall)
Poster board strips taped to the stem to hold it down.  Note:  The balloon will stay in the piñata if you tape any part of the cardboard to the balloon.
About 40 Newspaper strips were precut about 2 inches wide and the length for the balloon. 
Total paper mache time:  1 hour
Make sure to dress for a mess and to cover your surface.  It is easier with two people.  One holding the armature and the other placing the pasty strips on the armature.
Instructions:  1-Prepare your newspaper strips and your piñata armature.  2-Mix the paste, you are looking for a runny consistency (lumps are ok, they will not stay on the newspaper). 3. Place your newspaper strips were they are easy to grab but won't get in the way of the paste.  4.  Run your one strip at a time through the paste.  Using your index finger and thumb, squeegee the paste from the strip.  5.  Place the strip on the armature.  Making sure to cover the entire surface with one layer or mostly one layer.  You will end up having to cross over top of many of the strips to cover the entire surface.  6.  Smooth over any edges that might be sticking up.

Drying time:  1 day
I placed our drying piñata about 2 feet in front of a space heater.  We never left it unattended and rotated it every 30 minutes  (about a total of two hours to try and speed up the drying).  Our paste was thick so it took a little longer to dry.  We let it dry an entire day before we began decorating.  Make sure it isn't setting in a high traffic area, you don't want it to get tipped over and then break.

For decorating: 
1 package of orange tissue paper (9 large sheets-for the body of the pumpkin).  2 sheets of green tissue paper (for the stem), 1 orange streamer roll (textured hair), 1 black piece of construction paper (for the face). Hot glue gun (we used a total of 10 glue sticks)
Instructions:  Cut orange body tissue and green tissue for the stem into 2 or 3 inch squares.
1-Start with the body.  Working in a clockwise formation for placement. Place your index finger in the middle of the square then pinch.  The will create the puffy look to the tissue paper and will keep the size of the pumpkin tissue the same. 2-Dab a small amount of the glue on the armature.  Making sure not to touch the hot glue at any time.  3-Place the end of the tissue paper that was pinched to the glue.  4-Repeat steps 1-3 until the entire body is finished.

The face: 
 1-Draw the outline of the face on the construction paper, then cut.  2-Place a dab of hot glue on the tissue paper part of where you want the face.

Now add the string.  We attached Jute twine inside the stem using a glue gun.  Hindsight would have been to add the holes prior to creating the paper mache, this would have been a lot easier and more secure.  If desired, add hair.  We added the hair last.  About 7 strips (6") of the orange streamer paper, and a few black tissue paper strips (5"). 
I felt like the very first piñata all of us had ever made turned out pretty good!

Art Illiana's TableScapes-Cocktail on the Scapes

What a fabulous evening enjoying Cocktails on the Scapes (AKA-Designer Night)!  Thank you to all the designers that connected with the commu...