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My Macaronian...

As I listened to a TedTalk podcast on my way to work, I get frustrated, “Children need a healthy diet.  Starting their day with a healthy breakfast increases their concentration and allows them to learn.........."  As I listen, I think..."You must not know what it is like to live with a Macaronian!"

     Diet stories when others were younger go a lot like the stories I used to hear from my grandparents about walking to school.  "We used to walk up a hill both ways with snow up to our knee caps."  Remember those stories?  Now with diet, it goes like this; "We didn't have a choice, what was on the table is what we ate."  or  "Healthy eating habits start by them seeing what their parents are doing."  Here is the doctor's advice when my Macaronian was younger; "He will eat when he is hungry.  Make sure he is taking his multivitamin."  My Macaronian was super skinny when he was between the ages of 5-10.

     Over the years…
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The F........Word

     What did you think the F word was going to be?  Sorry, but honestly, that is a word that may create the same cringed face most of us have when we hear the F word that has a very foul meaning.  This is a real quick story about what I am dealing with at home with two boys that are complete ADDICTS to this game.
     When I say addicted I truly mean it.  If given the opportunity, both my boys would never leave the game.  Their weekends revolve around it.  If you were to ask them what paradise is they might say..."Never leaving Fortnite, ordering carry-in that delivers up to the room just to avoid not stopping their game, and a controller that allows me to play during bathroom breaks."  I have a strange feeling someone has worn adult diapers playing, just a guess.  I have coffee therapy sessions with a friend that also is living with a Fortnite addict.

     A few months ago, I was at the end of my tolerance with Fortnite.  Both boys were arguing about turns.  "…

Life unveiled...importance of romance

Finally, the sun was shining and the hubby and I were both off work.  We had a rough two weeks which made me come to the realization that there were things I have put off for a long time.   Fogo de Chao has been on my list of places I wanted to go to for YEARS!
     You see, good food and the whole dining experience means a lot to me.  My Happy Place is FOOD. For example, one of the tennis pro friends asked me, literally right before our rough patch, "Stacey, what could your husband do to bring romance to the marriage?"  I respond, "Besides vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, organizing the garage...he could beer and dine me.  Forget the wine part, I am allergic".  Then I proceed to tell him that I am the less romantic one out of the two.  "Hell, we have been married for 17 years, what is romance?"
     Talk about being completely wrong! Romance is very important,  it builds intimacy.   Life had to unveil yet another enigma.  I thought we both …

A stifling combination of words: "You Can't"

About a month ago we purchased a new love seat and sofa.  The chair my 16 year old plopped down on and broke was ready to go downstairs into the family room where my mother has taken residence, once it gets fixed.  My goal was to try and fix it.
     After publicizing my idea of "fixing it" two people close to me let me know "You can't fix it".  I pondered these words.  Thought, how many times have I been told "you can't, you won't, don't bother....".
     Fortunately enough I didn't pay attention to the negativity.  In fact, I let both of them know that "if you don't even try, you won't really ever know."  Then I asked one of them to help.  Instead of trying to prove I can't now, please "help me fix the chair".
     After opening up the bottom of the chair I could see what had happened.  A 2X4 snapped.  "It is fixable!!!!" I said.  Then I explained how.  Together we discovered why the cha…